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How to get a Google Cloud Vision key to use with the OCR Pipeline

The OCR Pipeline uses Google Cloud Vision, part of the Google Cloud platform to OCR images.

To use the OCR Pipeline, you need a Google Cloud Vision key.

To get one, you need:

  • A Google account. Get one here.
  • A credit card or debit card

Note If you don't have a credit card, contact [email protected]. Our partners at might be able to OCR images for you.

On this page:

How to create a Google Cloud account

1. Sign into Google

Make sure you're signed into Google.

2. Go to Google Cloud and get started

Visit and select Console

Google Cloud home page

Note The Google Cloud home page might not look exactly like this when you visit it. If you don't see Console, select Get Started or Get started for free. The sign-up process is very similar.

3. Agree to the terms of service for your country.

Select your country and check the box under Terms of Service to agree to it.

Then select agree and continue.

Google cloud signup

Note If you selected Get started or Get started for free on the Google Cloud home page, you might see a screen like this instead:

Google cloud terms of service

4. Activate your Google Cloud account

4.1 Select Activate to start activating your account

Google cloud activate button

4.2 Fill in your account details

  1. Select your country (if necessary).
  2. Select a description of your organization or needs.
  3. Check the box under Terms of Service to agree to it.
  4. Select Continue.

Google Cloud account details

4.3 Create a new payments profile

  1. Select Create a new payments profile or Submit.

Google Cloud new payments profile

  1. Select Add payment method to open a window where you can add a credit card or debit card.

Google Cloud payment method

Note Depending on your country, you might also have an option to add a bank account.

  1. Choose a payment type and add your address. Then select Create.

For profile type: - Select individual if you are using this account for yourself and using your personal payment info. - Select organization if you are using this account at an organization and are using its payment method.

Google cloud 4-3

  1. Add your account information and select Save card.

Google cloud 4-5

4.4 Select Start my free trial

Google cloud Start my free trial

Your account is now complete. Google Cloud should look now like something like this:

Google Cloud dashboard

How to get a Google Cloud Vision key

Now that you have a Google Cloud account, it's time to get a Cloud Vision key.

1. Open My first project

On the Google Cloud dashboard, find My first project and select Go to project details. Or go to the dropdown project menu at the top of the dashboard, find My first project, and open it.

My first project

2. Add Google Cloud Vision to your project

  1. With My first project open, enter Cloud Vision in Google Cloud console's search bar and choose Cloud Vision API.

Searching for cloud vision (1)

  1. Select Enable to add the Cloud Vision API to your project.

Enabling Cloud Vision API (1)

3. Create Cloud Vision credentials

  1. On the APIs & Services screen, select Credentials > Create credentials > Service account.

CreatingCloud Vision credentials (1)

  1. Add a service account name and select done.

Adding account name

  1. Select the service account email address to open details about it.

Opening the account details

  1. Select Keys > Add key > Create new key.

Creating a new key

  1. Then with JSON chosen, select Create to create a new key.

Creating a new key (1)

Google will send you a .json file. This is your key for the ORC Pipeline.

Congratulations! Now you are ready to use the OCR Pipeline.