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Indrajala logo

Indrajala powers Buddhist technology through the gift of data.

BDRC logo

The Buddhist Digital Resource Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to seeking out, preserving, documenting, and disseminating Buddhist literature.

Monlam logo

Monlam AI develops artificial intelligence in service of Tibetan language and culture.

Esukhia logo

Esukhia is a network of schools, teachers, and researchers who specialize in resources dedicated to the Tibetan languages and their textual traditions.

kumarajiva logo

The Kumarajiva Project aims to translate into Chinese all the texts in the Tibetan Buddhist canon that are not currently available in the Chinese canon.

Lotus King Trust logo

Lotus King Trust supports the propagation and practice of Buddhadharma and the meaningful development of remote Himalayan communities.

pecha jobs logo provides data sourcing and processing services for individuals and organizations working to preserve and promote the Tibetan language, culture, and religion.